Der Prozess ist ganz einfach:

  • Integrieren Sie Ihr Graphic Recording Bild in eine PowerPoint Präsentation.
  • Markieren Sie in der PowerPoint Präsentation mit Rechtecken auf dem Bild die gewünschten Bildausschnitte/Bereiche.

The process is very simple:

  • Integrate your graphic recording image into a PowerPoint presentation.
  • In the PowerPoint presentation, use rectangles to select the desired areas on the image.
  • Number the areas.
  • Add the text, images and links that explain the individual areas of the image to the following pages of the PowerPoint presentation.
  • Here you can download the PowerPoint file for this example.
  • We program the interactive graphic recording for you and send you a ZIP file with all data within one to three working days.
  • You can then make this interactive graphic recording available on your website or intranet to all those who have been unable to attend your event or who need a second thought support.
  • If you would like to test whether this interactive graphic recording also works on your website or your intranet, you can download the data for this microsite here.
  • Please note: Even though this demo of the graphic recording contains two languages, we charge for each language separately. This means that you receive an interactive graphic recording for each language.